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Become a Corporate Sponsor


HWS focuses on five key areas for our sponsor: help them build brand visibility, recognize their generosity, offer creative approval, measure metrics and keep lines of communication open.

Brand Visibility

We treat sponsorship as a business arrangement—period. It is a strategic way to build brand recognition and increase sales. We become advocates for your corporation.

Corporate sponsors can have their logo anywhere and everywhere on event collateral. This includes t-shirts, banners, signage, newsletters, print and web ads, radio spots, tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, billboards, invites, landing pages and email campaigns.


Corporate sponsors will be recognized for their generosity:

  • Acknowledge corporations in public speeches, board meetings and interviews with the press

  • Invite corporations for a private events and take photos for the local business journals, websites, blogs, 

  • Place a stewardship ad in their industry trade publication to thank corporation for their generosity

  • Ask our staff to thank the sponsor on their individual social media platforms

  • Give sponsors VIP tickets to your event

Creative Approval

Corporate sponsors will approve any collateral featuring their logo. We want to make sure their most important asset, their brand, is being properly represented. HWS will make sure sponsors sign off on any and all creative efforts featuring their logo.


We will measure their return on investment. We will measure how did it impact sales? The most common metrics used to measure sponsorship ROI is to evaluate the amount of exposure the sponsor received throughout the campaign.


HWS will put together a comprehensive list of any marketing materials featuring their logo, and the number of impressions it received.

For example:

  • Media impressions

  • Email blast 

  • Direct Mail 

  • Facebook

  • Online Analytics

Intangibles such as brand affinity, brand loyalty and buzz are not as easy to measure but can we can evaluated them through surveys and customer feedback.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

We will create a contract that details all the deliverables and lays out exactly where the sponsor can anticipate visibility. 

Bottom line—the sponsor’s brand is the create brand awareness that benefits both parties.

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