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FEBRUARY 24-26, 2023

Update: Trip is closed. No more applications Accepted. 

Hunting with Soldiers is hosting 2 Combat Veterans for a hog hunt out of Dime Box, TX. Arrival is Friday February 24th and departure is Sunday February 26th. Meals and housing are supplied. Veterans only need to bring ice chests for the meat, bedding, towel & washrag, and a weapon. You must have and show proof of a valid Texas Hunting License. If you are interested in this event and your qualify as a Combat Veteran, please complete this application: In the section that states "Give the information of what Hunting/Fishing Trip are you applying for" put Dime Box Hog Hunt. You can not have hunted with Hunting with Soldiers before, or hunted or fished with more than 2 other Organizations, or multiple times with the same Organization, to qualify. Person chosen must send copy of DD214, or ERB/ORB Form if still Active Duty, to show proof of being in Combat. Any false information given or information purposely left out (such as leaving out organizations you have been out with or number of times you have been out with the same organization) will result in removal from the Hunting with Soldiers Program and permanently banned from any future Hunting with Soldiers events. Absolutely NO illegal substances allowed in or around camp. If you can not do without it, do not apply.



6207 FM 141

Dime Box, TX

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