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JANUARY 19-21, 2024

UPDATE: Trip is closed. No more applications accepted. 

Hunting with Soldiers is hosting 2 Children of Combat Veterans for a whitetail spike, doe, & hog hunt. Arrival is Friday January 19 and departure is Sunday January 21.  Meals and housing are supplied. Veterans only need to bring ice chests for the meat, bedding, towel & washrag, and a weapon (we do not have enough youth model weapons to loan so child must have weapon). You and the Child must have and show proof of a valid Texas Hunting License (Child can not hunt using your license, they must have their own) & It is recommended that the child have completed the Hunters Education Course (it is available at many places as well as online). Child MUST BE 16 years of age or younger at time of hunt and able to safely handle and shoot a firearm. Adult WILL NOT Shoot the animal for the child.   

If you are interested in this event and you qualify as a "Combat Veteran" (A MUST), please complete this application:  In the section that states "Give the information of what Hunting/Fishing Trip are you applying for" put Jessica Chance Memorial Hunt. The Child can not have hunted with Hunting with Soldiers before to qualify and have not been out with any other Organization as well. Parent of the Child chosen must send copy of DD214, or if still Active Duty, the form to show proof of being in Combat (If the parent has hunted with us before, and has sent their information to us, the DD214 or other form if still active are not required). This must be your child or your step child living with you. NOT a friends child. Hunting with Soldiers has a rule that you can only hunt with us once and fish with us once. This DOES NOT count towards that. Remember, this is a hunt for the CHILD. Do not come planning on shooting for the child. If the Owners advise you can shoot an animal while there, all children must have gotten theirs first. But there is no guarantee you will be able to hunt. This is a trip to get you into the outdoors and to bond with your child. Absolutely NO illegal substances will be allowed in or around the location. If you can not do without it, do not apply.



6512 Falls County Road

Holliday, TX

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