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OCTOBER 27-29, 2023

UPDATE: Trip is closed. No more applications accepted.

Hunting with Soldiers is hosting 2 Children of Combat Veterans for a whitetail deer & hog hunt & fishing. This will be for 2 Combat Veterans who can bring one child each (just the child and the Veteran, nobody else). The Combat Veteran must be the one bringing the child and MUST be the Father/Mother or Step Father/Mother of the child. If the Step Father/Mother, they must be currently married to the child's biological parent. The child can get one whitetail buck and two doe and as many hogs as they can shoot, and  the parent can get as many hogs as they can shoot as well, but ONLY after the child has gotten their first animal, NOT BEFORE. The adult CAN NOT shoot the deer for the child. If the child decides that they can not shoot the deer, or they can not get it in their sight, then the deer will walk. This hunt is during youth season. If the adult shoots the deer for the child, they will be banned from any future trips with Hunting with Soldiers and the Game Warden will be notified. The child must be able to safely use a firearm. Both Parent and Child MUST have a valid and current Texas Hunting License. The Child is not allowed by law to hunt under the parents license. Arrival is Friday October 27 and departure is Sunday October 29. Meals and housing are supplied. Veterans only need to bring ice chests for the meat, weapon (we have one youth model single shot 243 if the child is small and does not have a weapon, they can borrow this one), & fishing gear. Child must have completed the Hunters Education Course (it is available at many places as well as online). Child MUST BE 16 years of age or younger at the time of the hunt.   

If you are interested in this event and you qualify as a "Combat Veteran" (A MUST), please complete this application:  In the section that states "Give the information of what Hunting/Fishing Trip are you applying for" put October 2023 San Saba Youth Hunt. The Child can not have hunted with Hunting with Soldiers before to qualify (The Annual Dove Hunt does not count) and have not been out with any other Organization as well. Parent of the Child chosen must send copy of DD214, or, if still Active Duty, the forms showing proof of Combat to Hunting with Soldiers has a rule that you can only hunt with us once and fish with us once. This DOES NOT count towards that. This is a trip to get you into the outdoors and to bond with your child.  NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES are allowed at any Hunting with Soldiers events. If you can not do without it, then do NOT apply for this trip



3840 County Road 340

Richland Springs, TX

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