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Hunting with Soldiers is very blessed with the ability to hunt all across Texas due to many very generous and gracious land owners.  Because much the land that we hunt is based on donated or discounted use and is not owned by Hunting with Soldiers, we match our hunters to our land owners preferences based on scheduling, type of target animal, etc. 


All of our Hunting/Fishing or Outdoor Activities are provided to the selected Combat Veteran and Children of Combat Veterans AT NO CHARGE TO THEM!  They will only be responsible for getting to the location and to have an applicable hunting/fishing licenses.  Lodging will be provided either at a house, hotel room, camper, or condo. Food is also supplied by Hunting with Soldiers



If you are interested in participating on a hunt or fishing trip, please see the events section. If you see an event you are interested in, that does not already say filled, please follow all instructions on the post. You can also join our Facebook Group here: all events are also posted there and you can also join in our conversations.  Please remember that we cannot guarantee anyone a hunt or participation.  Once we begin scheduling or have events come up, we will choose hunters and notify them directly.  Please make sure that you provide a good email address and phone number.  


((All information is for HwS use ONLY and will never be given or sold to ANYONE))

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