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Scott Catlin Field Officer 

UPDATE: We lost Scott May 24, 2021. Rest easy Brother. We know you will forever be by our side on each and every trip. Until Valhalla Brother.

I am a Vietnam Vet, having served in the USMC for 8 years. I served with B Co, 1st Bn, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Mar Div. for a 13 month tour. I extended in Vietnam Nam and went into the MPs. Out of the MPs I was selected to go to the US Army CID school in Ft Gordon Ga where upon Graduation I became  CID Investigator. I Worked  mainly Narcotics alongside with NCIS. I was wounded during my 1st tour in Nam. My family owns a Ranch near Henrietta Texas and have been associated with HWS for years. We have been associated with Turkey Fest here every year and numerous of our Hunting with Soldiers hunts have been televised on several Outdoor and Hunting Channels on TV. 

Jason Dane.jpg

Jason Dane, Field Officer


He is also a Paducah, TX resident and a small business owner. While he is not a Veteran, he did spend nearly three years serving our men and women in uniform directly as a civilian contractor in Baghdad, Iraq. His wife, Julie Dane, who also has been affiliated with the organization spent several years working for the US Army on Fort Hood as a Family Readiness Support Administrator. After moving back to Paducah, Jason also served as an EMT. Paducah is a small town and much of the Trauma you witness as an EMT, you also know them personally. Jason also suffers from PTSD and knows just how much the great outdoors, fellowship, and support can help cope with the stress of such issues. In 2016, Jason stepped down as VP due to family issues, but continues to represent the program as a Field Officer.

Hello my name is Todd Terry. I was born in July of '72. Grew up a small town boy with a fishing pole or gun in my hands most days. Played all sports in highschool and enjoyed being part of a team. It wasn't untill I joined the Corps in 95 that I learned what team and brotherhood truly meant! Not a day goes by that I don't think of something or someone from my squadron, VMFA-232. I transitioned out of the Corps in 04 as an E6 for no reason other than to come home! Wish I had stayed! But that's the past and I am here now to do my part in any way I can! Semper Fi


Chris Holt, Field Officer 

I am a military brat born in Germany. I personally served 15 years in the US Army as a Field Artillery Meteorological Crew Member, yet spent more time as a Forward Observer during my 3 Tours of Combat. I did 1 tour in Iraq in 2003 and 2 Tours in Afghanistan 2006 - 2007 and 2008 - 2009. I am medically retired from the Army and now spend my time with The American Legion and helping our veterans transition into a life that is comfortable for them and their families. 

I had a difficult time transitioning into civilian life with my PTSD until I remembered my love for the Great Outdoors. I finally forced myself to get off the couch and get back to what I used to love. The more I got out into the wild outdoors and just listened to nature, the more medication came off the shelf and less into my system. Then came Hunting With Soldiers and another opportunity opened up for me to help even more veterans and to help chip away at that 22 per day. Hunting With Soldiers and The American Legion have the same goal for our veterans and their families to find the help they need to get through the turbulent times that we have experienced at some point in our lives. 

Jon Sarabia.jpg

Jon Sarabia, Field Officer 

I am a Veteran of 24 years in the United States Air Force. I have served multiple tours all over the Middle East as a K-9 Handler/Trainer/Kennel Master as well as leading troops in the Security Forces career field. Born in southern New Mexico I was introduced to hunting by my father. I moved to Europe where I spent most of my youth prior to joining the Air Force. Hunting and fishing have always been an interest of mine and now I am able to do more of both. I’ve benefited from attending a hunt with Hunting with Soldiers and immediately knew this was an organization I wanted to help and give back to, ultimately helping my Brother’s and Sister’s in arms.

Danielle Haywood HWS Event Coordinator.jpg



Danielle Haywood

Born and raised in Prescott, AZ, Danielle Haywood joined the U.S. Army as a Mental Health Specialist in 2007. After her service in the Army, Danielle moved to San Antonio, where she has lived since. She has two children, Joshua and Jazmyn. 


Danielle's professional background includes an array of leadership roles in various industries, including retail, multifamily property management, and nonprofits. Danielle's experience includes strategy and marketing, event planning, fundraising, public relations, government relations, and public policy. Danielle served as the Director of Act, the charitable arm of the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County.


Danielle holds positions on the Board of Directors for several local nonprofit organizations. She is actively involved in the community and spends her free time volunteering in various capacities. 

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