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Texas Divide Dec. 2017

Texas Divide Dec. 2017





SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2022

 UPDATE: Trip is filled. We will still accept applications. We need some for our reserve list.

Hunting with Soldiers is hosting our annual Veterans and Active Duty (Combat and Non Combat) Dove Hunt out of Olney, TX. This is for 20 Veterans and Active Duty Only. Arrival is Friday September 16 and departure is Sunday September 18. This will be primitive camping, so if you are bringing a tent, make sure you bring a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet lid and trash bag. Them mesquites have thorns and not pleasant to lean against. You can also bring a camper but if you want power, you will need a generator. Again this is for Combat and Non Combat Veterans and Active Duty. This trip will not count against you for any future trips with Hunting with Soldiers. If you have been on a prior trip with us, you are welcome to join us here as well. Bring your shotguns (please do not bring a self defense shotgun to dove hunt with. "Yes it has happened"). If you do not have a shotgun, we will have a few there to use. You will just need to bring your own 12 gauge ammunition. Bring plenty of water as well as snacks. We will have a meal or 2 that is being cooked but you will need food when we do not have our big meal. You can bring your adult beverages, but no extensive drinking until after guns are put away. Game Wardens are being invited to this event and they will be checking licenses. Remember your new Hunting license starts September 01, 2022. Make sure you have it with the migratory game bird stamp included (Super Combo already has this). If you are coming from out of state and you are a Disabled Veteran 50% or more, you can get the Disabled Veteran Super Combo for free the same that resident 50% or more Disabled Veterans receive (Hunting license must be on your person at all times while hunting). No illegal substances will be allowed on or around the property. If you can not do without it, do not apply... If you are interested in this, and you are sure you can make it, complete this




Olney, TX

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