Texas Divide Dec. 2017

Texas Divide Dec. 2017








UPDATE: Trip is filled. No more applications accepted. 

Hunting with Soldiers has been asked by our Friends at Hell or High Water Outdoors to provide 1 Combat Veteran for a black bear hunt. This will be out of Bangor, Maine. Veteran will fly into Bangor on the 29th of August. They will be picked up at the airport by the Lodge. Veteran will then be taken back to the airport September 5th where they will fly home. Meals and housing are supplied. Veteran only needs to bring their clothes. Weapons are supplied but you can bring your own if you wish. The weapons supplied will be loaner only. Taxidermy is not included. Veteran is responsible for any taxidermy and also cost of meat sent back to your home if you wish. You must have and show proof of a valid Maine Hunting License. If you are in a State that Veterans, who are 50% or more Service Connected, receive their hunting license for free, then you will receive your Maine Hunting license for free. They do not have any other kind of discount for Active Duty (Except Active Duty Maine Residents) or Veterans who are under 50% Service Connected. The license fee is $115.00 for non residents. You can (and need to) check this website out if you are chosen: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunting-trapping/licenses-permits/hunting-license.html

Round trip tickets for basic airfare have been running around $300.00 Hunting with Soldiers will cover the Veterans Round Trip Airfare up to $500.00 This is for basic airfare. Any upgrades, or cost over that amount, as well as baggage fees, will be the responsibility of the Veteran. When Veteran is chosen, they will need to immediately advise which airport is nearest to them. Veteran must be physically able to walk long distances.  

If you are interested in this event and you qualify as a "Combat Veteran", please complete this application: http://www.huntingwithsoldiers.org/combatveteranapplication  In the section that states Give the information of what Hunting/Fishing Trip are you applying for put the Title that is in the heading here. You can not have hunted with Hunting with Soldiers before, or hunted or fished with more than 2 other Organizations, or multiple times with the same Organization to qualify. You must not be on the list as going on another hunt with HwS as well. If you are chosen, and you are on the Reserve List for another hunt, please advise after you are chosen. Person chosen must send copy of DD214, or ERB/ORB Form if still Active Duty, to show proof of being in Combat to huntingwithsoldiers@live.com. Any information found to be inaccurate or incomplete will result in the removal of the application and removal from HwS activities. 



Bangor, ME