Texas Divide Dec. 2017

Texas Divide Dec. 2017




SEPTEMBER 3-5, 2021



Hunting with Soldiers is hosting up to 25 Combat and Non Combat Veterans (This includes Active Duty and former Military)  for a dove hunt out of Olney, TX. Arrival is Friday September 3rd by 1400 hrs. Departure is Sunday September 5th.  This will be Primitive Camping Only. That means you need a tent, unless you want to sleep under the stars, (If you have an RV, you can bring it, but there are no hookups so bring a generator). There are no latrines as well so bring a bucket. Also if you have coleman stoves bring those or portable bbq pits. There will be someone there cooking one of the meals, but you need to bring food and snacks. This is real primitive. Veteran needs to bring ice chests with their food and one for the doves they harvest and their drinks. Each Veteran is responsible for bringing their own shotgun and shells (NO SHORT HOME DEFENSE SHOTGUNS). Each Veteran is responsible for making sure their shotgun has a plug in it only allowing 3 shells total to be in it at a time. That includes the one in the chamber (Just putting 3 shells in your shotgun, even though it will hold more because it does not have a plug, will not get you out of a ticket with the Game Warden). You must have and show proof of a valid Texas Hunting License with the migratory game bird endorsement on it (Super Combo already has this). Also remember that September is the beginning of the new hunting licenses, so if you got one last year you may want to check the expiration date. Each Veteran is responsible for knowing all hunting rules and regulations of Texas. All must police their shotgun shells and their trash. The landowner is generous enough to let us get Veterans there, we need to respect them and pick up our things.

If you are interested in this event and you qualify as a "Veteran or Active Duty", please complete this application: http://www.huntingwithsoldiers.org/combatveteranapplication  In the section that states Give the information of what Hunting/Fishing Trip are you applying for put the Title that is in the heading here. Everyone is eligible for this trip as long as they are a Veteran or Active Duty. Even if you have hunted with HWS before. This trip will not count against you for future trips with Hunting with Soldiers if you have not been out with us before. Persons chosen must send copy of DD214, or ERB/ORB Form if still Active Duty, to show proof of being a Veteran to huntingwithsoldiers@live.com. Any information found to be inaccurate or incomplete will result in the removal of the application and removal from HwS activities. 



Olney, TX